Greg De Tisi

Greg De Tisi

Greg De Tisi Coach, Author, Marketer

An Introduction To Greg De Tisi

Hi!  I am Greg De Tisi and I live in Bristol, United Kingdom. I love the city.  I am passionate about helping others to fulfill their dreams through ideas and passion using various Strategies and Techniques that I have used myself.

I love creating solutions to problems and help others to create their own small business start ups using a solid vision, great ethics and a desire to learn and grow.  I serve from my heart and give value in all that I coach.  I also love to travel the globe and learn about other cultures and I am passionate about producing music.  

The Reason I Made This Blog is For You and For Your Success. I Am Committed To Your Passions, Ideas and Success and I Will Assist You Every Step Of The Way.

What Led Greg De Tisi To Help Others?

It Wasn’t always easy for me though BUT SUCCESS IS NEVER EASY IT TAKES WORK!!

I came from quite a poor and dysfunctional family (whatever that is nowdays!:) I respect the fact that I came from a humble background as it taught me to think and act on my feet and appreciate things.  I always hated the jobs I had and after dropping out of Art college I had to re-think what I was going to do.

So started searching online. Even though it was tough for me at times going from business to business I learned a great deal and I also applied everything I learned. I spent well over 50k learning from the very best online marketers, coaches and entrepreneurs globally and still do.  Once I got fed up with the hype out there I put together this blog to share ways in which I made money online and in my coaching business. You can see my small business coaching site at

Greg De Tisi

I learned A GREAT DEAL from my years of failure and success and from all things until I decided to create my 3 step process for coaching which is the LOVE, PASSION and PURPOSE Coaching system which enables anyone to follow the exact ways I used to create my own success.  Quite simply, I decided spend the rest of my life serving others in these 3 areas.  The reason for the 3 step process was that – I believe in simplicity so that you can learn the very quickest and most powerful ways to create a sustainable income and business.

‘I think that life is for TRULY living and this is why I dedicated my life to helping others to find their passions and create personal success!’

It all started for me When I hit my teen years and I was very aware of the importance of HELPING OTHERS, but I had some issues to deal with myself and I started partying and having fun to escape problems and I guess just being a teenager.  The problem was that I got into drugs and drink alot. I passed my Art and Design National Diploma just.  But after 3 years in Higher Education Art College in York I dropped out as things got difficult for me.

What’s my point?

No matter what happens in your past OR what you are going through now ‘success’ is possible for anyone. And – we can USE ur passions and pasts to create our own story.  I have now written 22 books and coach clients all over the globe from all backgrounds to become self sustaining, so, If they do it then so can you. 

What Did Greg De Tisi Learn On His Journey?

When I Hit 30 and I went self employed and worked with my brother.

I did this for a couple of years and whilst we tried to make it work it didn’t really go too well.  It was great experience and learning curve though.  After this I joined network marketing businesses and learned  the art of lifting others up and I liked it so got into all forms of personal growth which really helped my business later on explode with success as I knew how to connect with people.

I joined several Network Marketing and Mlm Opportunities To Learn About The ‘Business Models’ and this all helped me to DISCOVER and GROW, So I was beginning to ‘understand what I was REALLY passionate about’.  I combined coaching with business and learned as much as I could about these areas. 

IMPORTANT KEY TO MY SUCCESS: I read at least 30 minutes of Empowering Books and listen to audios to grow and learn to get focused.  I Follow great leaders and millionaires and implement what they teach.  There are certain principles which just create success and so – that is what I apply and can help you to apply also just as I share with my clients now.


What Does Greg De Tisi Teach Now?

Greg De Tisi

> Niche Market Affiliate Marketing and Clickbank Income to enhance small business
> Turning passions into profits
> e-Book and Creative Content Creation and Income
> Blogging Monetisation
> Backlinking Techniques (FOR free traffic)
> Outsourcing for Maximum time/Money leverage
> FREE (Organic) and PAID Traffic Generation
> Small Business Start Ups Creation Exposure and Positioning with branding vision message
> List Building sharing value and Selling
> Connection and Relationships Communication with Customers and content creation

> Automation and multiple streams of income for any business model

Start up and Small business

> Ideas and development plus Online and Offline marketing tips that grow your business fast

> How You Can Easily Hit $10k+ months through multiple streams of income and correct positioning

NOW At 41 I am considered to be a ‘Leading expert In Personal Life Coaching and Small Business Coaching. I am also a well known Author with 22 books so far!

So the question is – Are You Ready For A Coach that get’s the results you want?

Ok, Grab your FREE Small Business ebook to the right and let’s get you started with FLUFF FREE HYPE FREE income generation. Enjoy your stay and hope you have a look around.  Contact me with any questions you may have!

This Is Your friend and partner in success,
Greg De Tisi

P.S…..THIS VIDEO BELOW IS FUNNY. IT WAS MY FIRST SELF PROMOTIONAL VIDEO on holiday in Australia AND I WAS VERY SHY, THIS IS WHEN I STARTED EARNING ONLINE AND WAS KEEN TO LET OTHERS KNOW.  It looks crappy now and I am embarrassed to show it but, as you can see from 10 years ago we all imrpove! 🙂

Greg De Tisi

Greg De Tisi Coach, Author and Marketer

Greg De Tisi Wants You To Be The Next Coaching Success Student and turn your passions into profits or grow your existing small business start up (Click HERE TO LEARN MORE!)

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