Working Online

Working Online Takes A Special Kind Of Person Who Understands What Is Needed!

Now, you may have or want a more traditional or bricks and mortar business and this is great, but you still need an online presence these days so, when I talk of ‘working online’ I mean that we all need an online presence and strategy whether it’s a website, social media and exposure or a blog or perhaps even a membership site.

You may want an online shop to match your offline shop, but either way I am sure you can see the power of having an online presence and strategy. For me personally, I work online most of the time as my business is in ‘digital marketing and information publishing’ so in other words it’s all virtual. As a coach I love to help small business owners build the relationships with the customer no matter if you have a traditional bricks and mortar shop or an online business like me.

For me talking to my clients every day is my absolute joy and passion and I love to create and deliver quality information for my readers and buyers so – this is how I survive.

Working online

Working online or not it’s still essential to have some presence today.

Working online is by far one of the most exciting ways to accumulate revenue and automated wealth and, most of it is virtual.

This is what allows my partner Lisa and I to travel as often as we do because we can simply work on a laptop wherever we are. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to run and online business though and the biggest issue is that too many people DO NOT treat it as a business and so they never succeed. Working online is just like any other business model, you need to be productive, have focus, clarity, determination, a strong brand, a strong message, solid marketing, advertising, market share, and you need to know how to invest in your customer/buyer. When you start by giving big value you break down the barriers of trust and therefore you begin building a successful enterprise and brand.

There are many ways to earn online as a digital marketer and information publisher but it all starts with the right mindset.

working online

Me In San Francisco. One of my favourite places on earth to visit!

working online changes

I believe that we live in a world where there are endless opportunities for most of us and therefore ‘I take them when ever I get the opportunity’. Sure things are changing ALWAYS so a part of being successful is an ability to diversify and move with the changes. Working online is great as it is flexible and allows me to take my work wherever we go, and as we love to enjoy new experiences together without worrying about Monday mornings we have time freedom and are way less stressed. What I love the most is helping clients to achive what I have achieved or more. Its great fun developing an online strategy and building small businesses whatever type of business you own so, by all means get in contact with me here or at my website if you think that small business coaching is what you need right now. Visit me @ and I will be glad to create a free 45 minute planning session to help you build your own strong and successful business model and brand.

I wanted to share some of my travelling photo’s with you not to brag at all but in fact to inspire you to think about changing your life in some way, so that you also can create more time freedom. If you want to own your own small business or to start working online For Yourself then there is no better time to get started.



working online

Me In The Mediteranean again!:)

Working Online And Freedom!

My partner Lisa and I have always loved being together and having our own freedom to do as we please and the only way we knew and still know HOW TO DO THIS is working online. I am a coach, author, and marketer and my adice to you is to find your passions and translate them into the prefect business model for you. Whatever you are trying to accomplish you have to have a strong desire to succeed and a strong focus on your products and relationships with your buyers. For me it is simple. My desire to have my own time is more valuable to me than working for others. I love to share what I have done simply because I am PASSIONATE to show you what you can really do. If you have enough passion yourself to build great relationships with your customer and buyers then I suggest that you take action.

You really can accomplish anything and you can be travelling or having the freedom to choose yourself as I do with working online.


Isn’t It Time That YOU Started To Working Online On Your Terms?

If You Want To Start Working Online With An Expert Then You May Want To Look At My 1 ON 1 Coaching Tab At The Top Of My Blog. You have to find an expert when you are trying to become one yourself. You can waste alot of time and money by trying many things and getting nowhere. I have personally done this in the past and can highly recommend that YOU DO NOT DO THIS. If you want success then you have to focus on success and get help. I look forward to helping you become an expert with a worthy online income.

working online With Greg De Tisi

It took me many years to define my craft and not without many failures and disappointments ‘but’ I must say that I loved the challenges back then everything I have learned is gold. Think about it, my learning is a gift and so now I can share that with you and I can continue working online always helping my clients. You have to be an open minded person who is prepared for hard work, commitment and determination when things seem to be going wrong from time to time.

This is what separates the WINNERS FROM THE LOSERS when working online and in life!

working online

Me In Barcelona!


IF YOU ARE SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED GET HELP > WHERE I OFFER YOU 1 2 1 coaching with me to create your small business build relationships and create ideal income in any niche.

If working online is for you then – not only is it possible but it is becoming a way of life for many. I suggest that you grab your free $10k small business blueprint to the right and get as much value and training as you can so that you can start your new business the RIGHT WAY. If you want a comprehensive look at information age income you can also get my latest book called ‘Information Age Millions’ CLICK HERE TO BUY IT NOW!

I wish you the very best with building your new small business venture – This is the very reason I am in business to help you and also I am able to focus on other passions like music, art, writing and other vacations of course. So where’s the bad when you can start working online TODAY?

Working online

Working online Is A Way Of Life For Me So I AM Ready To Help You Aswell.

Working online With Greg De Tisi

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