Relationships and Communication

Relationships and Communication

Relationships and Communication

Relationships and Communication









Let’s be honest – life depends on these two words, in fact, we cannot survive without Relationships and Communication.

So why do we neglect them soo much? Simple – we are living in a world where we are becoming lazy and less concerned with others (generally) which bothers me as I believe that non-communication and lack of relationship awareness kills and destroys life and business. If only people were more open and up front things would get resolved and we would all live much happier lives. This is not the way ‘most’ people are though. But, my life and business is all about both and therefore my success and happiness has been created upon this. I know the importance of emotional connection, helping others, listening to them and building rapport. Also finding solutions and creating better lives, and if there were more of us building our own business and being great communicators more of us would live lives of greater value, contribution and service and we would be able to live more on our terms rather than working for organisations and companies or governments that do not resonate with us at all. People are un-happy and stuck way more these days, so my suggestion would be to learn and master these two things and your life will change for the better.

Listening skills are so important as we get to feel and really understand where someone is coming from and when we do we can help them and they can help us. It’s win win. That’s why in my 10+ years of studying Relationships and Communication I believe it is an art. IF YOU WANT to thrive on this planet and in your own business you have to master this.

I know this all sounds a little deep but I guess I am passionate about it.


Let’s be clear – Relationships and communication IS NOT JUST ABOUT DATING SITES AND PERSONAL LIVES! People buy from people and they buy from emotion. if you connect emotionally with trust and rapport and build in the value you will cultivate strong relationships with your potential target buyer/client. And they are WAY MORE likely to ‘not only’ buy from you BUT BUY AND BUY AGAIN! We all want repeat custom I am sure you would agree as it is far easier to RE-SELL to a trusted buyer than to find a new one and this is why it is vitally important to get this right. Its all about the buyers journey and in many trainings you will notice that any professional organisation will describe the importance of the various stages of the journey. I advice you jump onto a course to help with this as many are free. The more you know the jounrey of your buyers and clients the more you will build a bridge between you and them. There are various stages when selling and as a buyer these stages start with the consideration stage and the decision to buy comes later. And that initial contact is really the most important part of ALL SELLING. Now, going back to relationships…

Life is all about relationships and no matter whether we are talking about our personal lives or in jobs and business they bind us or break us.  

As a coach I am always creating and building new relationships in the best ways I can.  I am nurturing and cultivating them and always learning about others.  It is my passion to learn about people and I really enjoy helping my clients to create better relationships in what they do.  If you think about it – your relationships with your family impact on your life and how you feel and therefore how you emotionally and mentally respond.  This spills over into business and careers, so I believe that our relationships have to be worked on in order to thrive.  Part of my coaching and marketing involves helping my client to express their message and vision through a passion and – a large part of this is the cultivation of that message through communication and relationships.  How we express ourselves in our relationships affects everyone and everything around us – there is no doubt about it. So I feel it is vital to all growth. Again – listening and in particular ‘active listening’ is essential to understanding another. So, no matter what business you are in or what you want our of life you have to learn to master the art of creating better relationships.



There are many ways to communicate and talking is just one way.  Others ways are in our body language, marketing, advertising, expressions and other ways and all of these ways give a message to the other person.  How we communicate ‘what we want’ in our lives and how we express our feelings and thoughts creates results – and so we have to manage ‘how to’ communicate in the most effective ways in order to get our message across.  If we are not clear in our choices and our own feelings we get mixed results and thus our lives are a mixture of results.  To get the results you desire you have to be clear on what you desire most and get this across in which ever way is relevant.  Personal or in business our communication with our co-workers, staff or team-mates requires awareness on our part so that we can be successful and productive.  Communication is your brand, your vision, your message, and so – being clear about what you stand for is key to having fulfilling and positive results and relationships.


Need help with your Relationships and Communication tactics and techniques?

Sometimes we all need help in life or in business and I myself have used a coach in various areas of my life with great results.  I have spent over 10 years coaching others to be happier, more successful and wealthier and in that time I have continually increased my learning and still do every day and I belive that this is so important in order for me to be my best and to best serve others.  I am a coach and a consultant to global clients and work closely in my community and local area also these days.  I have always been committed to fully understanding my clients needs and finding solutions for them as quickly and as effectively as possible.


Ready To Master your life and business with Relationships and Communication?

if you feel you require a coach or consultant to help you with Relationships and Communication and to take your life to the next level then feel free to contact me @ for a FREE 45 minute planning session.  Where we together will craft a plan and crystal clear vison to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  Whatever you wish to change or improve your mindset, small business or find and follow your passion I have the skills to help you.

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Relationships and Communication

Relationships and Communication