Mindset And Productivity

Mindset And Productivity

One half of these two words is one of the most highly underrated and misunderstood areas that can dramatically speed up your success rate. And that is ‘Mindset’.

Many people seem to think that the subject of ‘Mindset’ is just another weird thing that they have no time for – YET it is the one thing that has without question changed my whole life and without it I don’t know where I would be now. To me it matters and to my clients it matters because I have shown them how powerful this can be when trying to gain focus and momentum and actually reach goals. Of course – focus requires certain skills and if you want to be productive then you need to learn to focus, so to me these are CONNECTED. Let me ask you a question: ‘Do you think that using your mind the right way will give you a much better chance at building a successful life and business?’ How do you think millionaires and billionaires think? They think differently than ‘most people’. SO, if you want to build a life by your design then you have to design the mind also.

Getting your head right is really one of the most important aspects to running a highly successful business, otherwise, if your mind is scattered so will your business be.

Master your craft and market and become the expert in that market and by doing so you will attract back to you the highly relevant customers/clients that you desire.

Here is a little video I prepared about Mindset And Productivity 10 years ago (look at how amateur it is and how my crazy hair looks jeeeeees) ‘but’ the principles will never change. This video still makes sense now and that’s the point – mastering your mind and gaining wisdom is key to massive progress in anything. it is the experience you build and learn from that creates getter business decisions.

Now – Here are 5 specific “tools of the mind” which will help with Mindset And Productivity and which I’ve found useful in helping to shape my own thinking in a much more positive, wealth-attracting manner.

Planning. The discipline of either ending or beginning each morning with about 30 minutes devoted exclusively to planning the goals, objectives, activities, meetings and conversations of the day is an excellent practice. This focuses your attention on productive matters and it gives your subconscious mind powerful directions and instruction.

Environment. I know people who’ve started with nothing and built great empires. True Horatio Alger, rags-to-riches kinds of stories. But one thing I’ve noticed common to those people was that they did their very best to make what little they had into a positive work and living environment. You can’t do million dollar thinking in an environment that makes you feel like a failure. Even if your means are limited, do what you can to make your environment as good as it can possibly be.

Reading. Data Processing experts say input governs output. So to be a million-dollar thinker, you’ve got to regularly give yourself input of that kind of quality and value. My regular reading list includes at least a book a week, over a dozen commercial magazines, a dozen more specialized trade magazines, and a couple dozen newspapers, some of which cost in excess of hundreds of dollars a year. Serious wealth builders HAVE to consume massive quantities of carefully selected information.

The Right Activities. The million-rollar thinker does a great job at separating the important from the trivial when deciding upon what to focus their time and talents. Remember, that we define Mindset And Productivity as the use of our time, talent, energy, intelligence, resources, and opportunities in a manner calculated to move us measurably close to meaningful goals.

The Right Associations. There’s a principle of association that you can predict a person’s future by evaluating the books he reads, the media he watches, and listens to, and the people he hangs out with. There’s an awful amount of truth in that. There’s really no such thing as an innocuous conversation, a TV program on for just the noise, a card game with the guys just to relax. Because from all those situations, like all other situations, input is collected, stored, accumulated, merged/purged, and used by your subconscious mind.
Bottom line: what you do, where you do it, who you do it with, and what you think while you’re in process ALL work together to program your mind towards some kind of results.

Recognizing this fact – and implementing “tools of the mind” as described – will give you the means to achieve more control over the Mindset And Productivity and also direction and that’s what programming gives you

A part of what I teach encompasses mindset coaching but also EQ. What is EQ? It is emotional intelligence.

I believe that this is one of the most imortant areas for gaining success and creating more happiness but why? simply that, when you learn to master your own mind and emotions you create your life your way. I have been mastering my EQ ever since I knew what it was and how to use it. The reason why this is SO VALUABLE is that all too often when we face challenges we GET EMOTIONAL and this can make us quit or get annoyed or give up on our dreams. SO, think about it, when we master the EQ levels in business as well we get MUCH BETTER RESULTS. I personally use Mindfulness practice and audios to program my mind and I cannot praise these tools enough.


It really is that simple and yet it is not common knowledge. But, when you are focused and you are more productive you will become what you wish to be. This is true for relationships, growing business or changing anything in your life. Here’s what I cultivated and what I help my clients to cultivate for greater success;

1) Know your driving force – i.e your family your ‘WHY’, your reason if you will that really is moving you forward. without this you have no fuel.
2) Apply that driving force to self motivation and intention. Know what you want with clarity.
3) Work on your mind daily. Create new empowering habits that can gradually sculpt and shape your actions.
4) Have a strong vision and get into that vision every day until it becomes normal for you to see, feel and hear.

Let’s talk now about productivity.

Mindset and Productivity

Mindset and Productivity really matters to your happiness and success


You will be way more productive when you have mastered the above and thats because you will have a strong energy and vision to move forward on your goals. Productivity is easier to demonstrate when we are happy and in the zone.

If you are not productive every day when working on a new business then it will take alot of time. You may even never succeed if your mind and actions are not in it. For me being productive every day in an online small business business business requires certain disciplines and without those one would most definitely fail. Every day I have a worksheet and 5-6 tasks. I work through them in order of priority as this is also vital to accomplishing those tasks. Being productive isn’t about ‘being busy’ for the sake of it, it is focusing on the right things and effectively getting closer to conclusions, and outsourcing what you cannot do without wasting time. You have to know WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT and what you need to pass to another person or organisation.

In my experience you cannot do everything in your business and let me tell you – I have tried and as much as I could to manage 4-5 things at once but I was burning myself out.

So, ensure you stay focused, self manage and take breaks so you don’t end up throwing in the towel.

To improve your Mindset And Productivity I highly suggest reading relevant books. taking courses, taking part in trainings, getting onto webinars and anything else that can boost your focus and productivity. Need help? As a part of my coaching I offer Mindset training simply go to www.GregDeTisi.com to contact me and learn more about becoming unstoppable.

Mindset And Productivity

Mindset And Productivity is integral to a balanced life and a very healthy business to me

A Mindset And Productivity tool I also use

One of the best tools I have found to be useful to my day is mindmapping. This can be pretty simple to apply and can make your day way more effective. I won’t go into detail here as you can look it up and learn more about it at the site mentioned. I have found it to be very powerful and my days are way more productive. Here is a site which I can recommend by the original creators of Mindmapping. The company called imindmap.com was the brainchild of Chris Griffiths who is the founder and CEO. He discovered Mind Mapping back in the early ’90s and was instantly impressed by its ability to make any task more creative and productive. Feeling restricted by paper-based Mind Mapping, he sought a way to combine the creative nature of hand-drawn Mind Maps with the ease and flexibility of technology. With a shared vision of creating a brain-friendly Mind Mapping software that would benefit a wider, computer-literate audience, Chris teamed up with inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan. And so iMindMap was born.

mindset and productivity

Getting your mindset and productivity right will change everything. imind mapping might help.

Mindset and productivity

Mindset and productivity is down to you managing yourself for success

There are many things you can do to increase your success and happiness but managing your mind is the key factor in how far you get in life. Never underestimate the power of mind mastery.

Hope this helps


P.s if you need help and wish to study on your own without a Coach then consider my Mindset and Success Self Study course. It teaches you everything you could ever need to know about success and developing your passions into a thriving small business. Every tool you could need is in there and I even included a $10k per month Blueprint. Cool huh! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Mindset And Productivity