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affiliate marketing

Clickbank and affiliate marketing

Simple Ways To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing and Clickbank Is a very simple starting point to monetizing your website or blog. No matter what Small Business Niche you are in you can maximise your earnings by adding Affiliate products and services. Personally I use what’s known as Evergreen products as they will never go out of fashion. They are more secure and so you can learn to maximise profits and earn recurring commissions by harnessing the power of affiliate marketing. My favourite expert whom I have learned from is a gy called Rob Cornish. He is a down to earth real and honest guy and I have learend a great deal from him. In short I use affiliate marketing to enhance my business income and I can help you to find the right products and services to enhance your business income also.

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Before I begin with talking about Clickbank I wanted to explain a little about affiliate marketing generally. Now, Clickbank is just one of many companies whom you can be a member of whereby you can promote affiliate products. Clickbank is a great place to start as they have great trainings, many products to choose from and great tools to help you get the maximum commissions. Others include Commission Junction, JVzoo and Shareasale and many many more.

Also – a great deal of websites today you will find an affiliate option at the bottom of that site to become an affiliate meaning that you can promote a company or business that relates to you and what you do to maximise your revenue from your own business. The point is that – there are THOUSANDS of choices when it comes to looking for things to be an affiliate for. Why I started here with Clickbank is because it is no-brainer starting point. Why? Simply because they have over 100k products to choose from and they give you metrics so you can see which products perform the best so in other words you can get into an income situation very quickly. What this means is that – you can start to earn commissions from products on Clickbank to give you some revenue to put back into your business to fund your affiliate marketing business. The more you expand and grow your own business the more money you make and you can grow a list (advised) and sell high end products like $500-$5k to your list thus giving you a solid monthly income of around $5-10k or more depending on how much your list trusts you and providing you have given them tons of tips and value to get them buying from you.

So, perhaps start with Clickbank and see how you go. I have written a book on affiliate marketing which you can buy at the bottom on this page which explains ‘simply’ how to start a profitable affiliate marketing business. Now back to Clickbank.

Making Money With Clickbank Is Well Worth Investing Time Into:

There are over 100,000 products to choose from with Clickbank and in every conceivable Niche.

So no matter what you are into you can find something to sell. There are very important facts about Clickbank though that I want to share before you go crazy signing up and promoting products. The first thing is that no-one is going to buy off of you unless they know you or trust you. Think about it why would you buy a random product off of me if you didn’t know me? No reason! So you must learn to engage with your target market and create a core message to get them to your chosen product/s.

Here are some tips for how I use Clickbank with great success:

Getting It Right With Clickbank and Affiliate Marketing

2) Choose A Niche That Has A Market Value. So If It Is Popular OR NOT AT LEAST IT HAS TO SELL. (KNOW WHAT THE DEMAND IS!)
3) Don’t go trying to promote many Clickbank Products at the beginning GET GOOD WITH ONE and MOVE ON. (MASTER THE SKILL FIRST!)
4) Drive targeted customers to YOUR LIST so that you can sell after they are IN. (WHO ARE YOU TARGETING AT?)

affiliate marketing

Clickbank and affiliate marketing

5) Test different forms of marketing, I.e Facebook PPC, Warrior Forum, Blogging, Youtube or any other preferred method.
6) Build Rapport with the buyer before they have bought so that they buy of course. (GIVE VALUE FIRST AND SALES FOLLOW)
7) Try Taking a Clickbank Mastery Course Personally I Recommend (Sarah Staars Trainings Google Her For More Info)
8) Look at how others are marketing and what drives you to buy from them. (STUDY TOP MARKETERS)
9) Don’t sell outright to your list KEEP THEM ENGAGED IN YOU before you promote a CLickbank product. (BUILD RELATIONSHIPS)
10) Create a cool squeeze page to collect details name and e-mail to get them on your list. (USE Leadpages they have a free course)
11) Create a FREE report or E-Book to give away to collect your Names and E-Mail. (GET SOMEONE TO CREATE IT FOR YOU IF YOU CAN’T)
12) Study keywords. if you are using Google PPC or Facebook PPC you don’t want to waste time and money. Start off with lower bids like $0.01 per click so that you can tweek and test your keywords. Look for keywords that are competitive but not saturated. Also, use Google Keyword tool or another tool to do your research. For Free traffic create a Facebook fanpage blog and list and drive traffic there
13) Search on Google for your competition, see what they are doing and which sales pages seem to be converting. Study a top seller. COPY THEM.
14) When choosing a Clickbank product to promote again continue to do your research. Look at the best sales pages In clickbank ‘Gravity’ and when a product is over a gravity of 60+ it is selling well. Aim at buyers with traffic so they are more likely to press the buy button rather than just be browsing. TARGET BUYERS NOT BROWSERS when looking for KEYWORDS in your ad’s for Google and text.
15) If you are new to using and mastering PPC or (Pay per Click) then study Perry Marshall’s Google Cash. He is the world’s greatest in this area. Grab the book in my ‘Online Income Section’
Just by following these helpful tips you are going to CONQUER CLICKBANK and start creating an income.
16) Get my book below as it is all explained in much greater depth and detail in that book.

Why People Fail With Clickbank and Affiliate Marketing:

Well, they simply do no homework and get all excited about making money. And they try to just promote anything and everything. THIS IS VERY WRONG. Some may make a sale or two but the idea here is to surely create sale after sale with Clickbank and affiliate marketing so it is more about having a system or technique to mastering as with any other marketing type. Take my word for it – you don’t want to simply look at the $$$$ signs. Start a list building system and create a blog/website to grow your business so that you can accumulate income. We all want to make more money of course, but anything worth doing is worth doing right. Do it properly and you will be able to earn affiliate commissions for years to come.

Whatever type of business you own or want to own Affiliate Marketing can help you to monetise your website or blog or offline store. Personally I use affiliate marketing to build revenue in my list and also on my blog and in sales funnels. Never forget that you can share products and services in your market niche to help your brand and give you more income. Affiliate marketing and clickbank is a great way to do that.


Using Clickbank Is Very Powerful And Can Make You Huge Money If You Play The Game Right!

If You Are Not A Member Of Clickbank Yet Then You Can Join Below:




Here’s my simple to follow affiliate marketing ebook click to buy.

affiliate marketing

Clickbank and affiliate marketing

Whatever you choose to do just remember that I am only a contact form away. So just holler if you want to get more Clickbank success or some more coaching ok!:)
Affiliate Marketing

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