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My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business

My Startup Story - Scaling a Digital Small Business

My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business


Before we begin I just want to clarify a few things here. 

This is my own personal story, results are not always typical as success depends hugely on mindset and ability to work with a level of efficiency and productivity that is unusual so, bear in mind that I have worked non-stop in my business, with my business and on my business for over 10 years.  In that time I have learned many things of what to do and what not to do.  I have learned to adjust, tweak and improve my model so that it works for me. 

Being a digital Business essentially means that I can run my business from anywhere as I have no physical products.  I have services (coaching), eBooks and courses, I also sell affiliate products.  So, this will help you to get some ideas down and start piecing together what is really required from should you wish to run a successful sustainable business particularily in the Digital business niche.    


Ok, let’s get started!


Now, as you may know there are millions of articles, posts and training’s on growing a business from scratch.  So, to begin with, you can find most of the information you require around you today.  It is a much different world we live in where information is at our finger tips.  And most of what I have learned I have found and either paid for or used for free.  It is quite amazing – the amount of knowledge around which we can literally take for our own.  Now,  you must understand that I don’t mean ‘stealing’ other people’s work but I do mean exploring other successful people and learning from them first hand.

For example, you can easily subscribe to a powerful list from a multimillionaire and easily absorb the content to better help your own business and exposure.  Make sense?

The biggest Advance we could make is to use all that we already know - Max, Lord Rosenheim Click To Tweet


I am sure you see what I mean.


My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business

So, who am I and what is my story exactly?

I am an author of 26 books on happiness, growth and success.  I have been coaching for over 10 years in the areas of business growth, career change and passion to profits.  I am a course creator, and have this blog, a coaching website @ and I have written many articles on success which has helped my clients and students from all corners of the globe to create purpose driven lives.    I love what I do, but it wasn’t always so easy.  

My Startup Story - Scaling a Digital Small Business

My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business
















Where Did I Begin? 

Well, way back over 10 years ago I decided that I had had enough of working with my brother in his cleaning business.

We didn’t really run the business well, but I took a great deal of lessons from that and from the years that followed.  I threw money at shiny objects and basically spent well over $50k US or £40k UK on trainings, businesses, network marketing launches and so on.  I don’t know whether you are familiar with the whole MLM or launch space that was big a few years back, but I was in pretty much all of them.  However, I worked hard where I could, yet the people I worked with didn’t work hard, so, I lost more time and money.  I threw more money at GURU launches and bought just about every ebook, course and training there was.  Some of it was amazing but others were very bad indeed.  BUT, I learned from it all, what to do and what not to do.

I got help from coaches in various niches and started to notice that, as I grew others were asking for my help in life, careers and in Business.  So I trained to become a life and business coach.  I trained in NLP, Business Growth and in Entrepreneurial-ism.  I studied the likes of Sir Richard Branson, T Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki and many many others.  I read 3 books per week.  And As time was passing I was understanding what it really took to be successful.  I created  my own website and blog and although I changed them many times I then created the right my Brand as it all started to feel as though it was an extension of me.  Then things started cooking.

Remember, at 30 I was broke, depressed, anxious, stressed and lost, but within a few years I changed things based on continual learning and implementation.

My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business


I am shocked that these days I actually turn people away and I ‘only’ help those whom I wish to work.  So I cherry pick clients charging premium prices.  I charge £1500 for a premium package and have various price points to suit all pockets but, my main aim is, ONLY working with passionate, driven individuals and professionals.  Why?  Because I know they will get results and they will pay me the money as they are already mentally in the game.  So, there is a lesson in this which is – when you are an expert or professional yourself you can command more money, and work with less people.  Highly advised!

I don’t know where you are now, and if you wish to start your own enterprise, small business or start up or perhaps you are just curious and passionate but either way you will find this useful as I will now show you how I earn a great income by serving a particular hungry market.   Sound good?

I am going to assume that you are also hungry for more success and are able to take some action based on this otherwise there is little point in reading further.

I’m just being honest as many people have temporary motivation, driving forces and dreams only to move onto something else within weeks.  This is one of the most common ways to fail in anything.  And this is not seeing something through.

My Startup Story - Scaling a Digital Small Business

My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business


My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business

I have many passions including drumming but, I have to say that I am most passionate about others living the lives they were meant to live.  Why?  Because I care about people. And the more I care the more it helps me.  It’s win win! 

Let’s now touch on marketing

Don’t worry I’m not going to go into too much depth with what to do or what not to do like every other article which shows you what you already know, I am going to simply share what has worked for me OK.

You- and what you stand for IS YOUR BRAND.  Your business is an extension of YOU.

When you realise this you will feel as though you have more power because you can apply ‘you’ to everything and you will have great standards with all that you do.  So, the next lesson is, have respect for your business and have high standards.

Scaling a Digital Small Business or any other takes alot of love. It becomes is another part of you.  And to stay focused you will want to exude the feeling that you are already there.


This empowers and encourages you to move forward every day.  And so, marketing effectively becomes easier as you can share your message, vision, ethics, and brand and it will sing.  So, you have to know your market and become a major part of it.  If you can do so you will dominate your market or at least have market share.  Dominating your market is known as a Monopoly.  However you don’t have to become a Monopoly, as long as you have the market share.  So, be the solution and you will reap the rewards.

And it is worth knowing that Marketing is something we have all been doing since we grew up.  We have all been marketing ourselves, our lives, our views and so on, by being who we are.  if you think about it, you are just doing more of that!

And when you know WHO you are aiming for and WHY and knowing their fears and passions you will be in great demand because you are building that bridge between you and them.

They will already want what you have!

A vitally important place to begin is in knowing your costs, expenses and what tools you need to get this going.  I remember that, I would use all kinds of tools and resources which I didn’t really need. You only need certain tools, and you can hire others, outsource or pay other pro’s to help you in areas where you may be weak.   This leads me onto sticking to your strengths.  You must have your role which is defined, and others will have their roles.  Otherwise you will try and do everything which will overwhelm you and you may quit or take many years to break even this way. So, know your role – period!


My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business


If you can start with some capital all the better and if you have a business partner you can both motivate each other when challenges arise.  I believe this is very important so you can both keep each other accountable and by having some leverage upfront you can invest in the most important areas required to get your startup off the ground.  

My suggestion is to keep costs as low as you can so you can break even quickly and start seeing growth as fast as you can.

I will admit was delusional once. 

I spent time and money, I worked on my own and failed as I avoided all of the ground work.  This was a big mistake and that’s why I can tell you from experience that it is worth knowing your business and having a business and marketing plan right off the bat.  Yes, things will change, BUT you have that starting point, and that will give you the focus you need most.

As I learned and grew and refined and defined my market message I then started to see the right clients appearing and I got hot at making sales calls by studying many training’s by sales experts and from there I became well respected as a coach because I took the time to keep learning and getting better.  And that is the key.

As I started hitting income goals I started to increase them.   And I started hitting these goals because I knew what I wanted and why.

It started at wanting $10k per month.  And as I tweaked and scaled my business by measuring my goals and growth I started to see which areas brought me back the greatest R.O.I.  In other words I noticed certain marketing was more effective than other things. Facebook Ads, SEO, Back linking, Social media and word of mouth to get referrals all helped me and I would increase my investment levels in certain areas that simply attracted the right kinds of clients.

The trouble I had 10 years ago was that, I was like a mad scientist and this meant that I was doing all of the work.  So, I got help, outsourced to other experts and kept to coaching and writing.  So, the next lesson is stick to your strengths.  I mentioned before about having your ROLE and this really emphasises that.  You must be as valuable and worthy as you can be at what you are great at.  This is where following your passions and skills is vital.  Don’t ever try and be a jack of all trades otherwise you may be doomed to failure.

My Startup Story - Scaling a Digital Small Business

My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business


My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business

I love a little scuba from time to time but I couldn’t teach it So, I write about what I do teach which is coaching professionals and growing business success so, if you are going to write, then write about what your core passions and skills are would be my suggestion.

A few years back I wrote my first book,I got it On Amazon, It began branding me and helped to attract clients, and as I wrote more books I began really expanding my content.  This began to draw back to me more business as I was positioning myself as the ‘GO TO GUY’ in my market.  So, you must do this also. 

I took courses on Inbound marketing and the more I understood the buyers journey I began seeing the process as an emotional one. And one which I had to fully explore so I refined my sales funnels to really allow my subscribers to feel that connection with me.

This exploded my sales over a 6 month period as i was connecting deeply in the relationship process.


This is another vital component to the whole selling strategy.

Being someone who knows the buyer/client/customer is the absolutely key. 

And by the way – Business never changes!  Technology and processes DO, but essentially, all business is the same.

There is a buyer who’s at your door looking around and you invite them in to look around more don’t you.  If they trust you they may buy and if so,  they may buy more in the future?  It’s your job to get them in and buying.

Repeat custom is gold aswell!  So the lesson here is getting back buyers who already trust you!

Remembering that, it doesn’t matter whether you run a shop, and e-commerce store, a coaching business, or a franchise of some kind – the principles are the same.

And, just like with lists where I connect and share value I don’t SELL, I give value and eventually they buy!  And by giving and over delivering I GET BACK.  One of my subscribers may not buy from me for a year or so, and then ‘BAM’ I share an effective product or service with an affiliate link and they buy.  So, a certain % of subscribers will buy but, they just want to know that YOU CARE. And if you care, they will buy more.

And this is just like in employment….if you are not appreciated in your job then you will not buy into your company culture, and you may leave or move on as they have neglected to nurture you.

So, nurture your buyers.

As I evolved my processes I began digging deep, going narrow and drilling down into the exacting mindsets of my clients so that I knew every aspect of their day and this was essential to targeting the right people.  I was connecting my mindset to theirs.

My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business

Now, Here’s What to do first:

Start by mastering your strengths and focus there.

Start to understand and measure growth

Start understanding your price points and why they are right or wrong

Start with a vision of knowing who you are selling to exactly

Start with a partner and some capital to invest into tools and resources

Start by using what you need to expose and express your message,  webinars, podcasts, blog posts, email marketing and more as they all play a part in positioning you.



I started to reach $10k months when I had great affiliate products and great premium products and I will show you now how this all adds up.

At £1500 my premium product is the best seller and that’s because I sell that.  I don’t try and sell lower costs items I have.  It is far wiser to aim high and get a sale and if need be come down from there.  This way the transaction is likely to be higher.  So by selling just one of these per week that’s 4 per month which = £6000.  I also have my self study course which I sell for just £297.  And this is packed with so much value including a $10k per month blueprint so that sells way easier and automatically.  I sell around 4 of these per week which equals around £1200.  Per month that’s £4800. 

So, combine coaching sales (6000) and course sales (4800) and you have £10800 on average.  This does not include ebook sales, affiliate products and services and other coaching options.  So, I know that, I have to make X amount of calls per week to get X amount of sales.  

In this case a 1500 product or premium product may take 3 sales calls to get a sale.  So I need 3 calls per week, although it tends to be more calls that I make.  As potential clients will fill out my acuity scheduling form at my website.   So, you can see how this works.

So, my advice is to break it down like I have just done.  Know what you will charge and why!  WHY will these clients/buyers buy from you?  How do you differentiate from the crowd?  This is why it’s key to know your edge.  That’s another lesson.  STAND OUT and be different to others.

Ask yourself – Why will potential buyers/clients buy from you anyway?

Get them to understand that they need you.

Get them to know, like and trust you.

Break down any barriers they may have and know what those barriers are.

Remember that they are being sold to all of the time and are sick and tired of baloney.

Strip back the layers for them and make it easy for them.

Connect them to your core message.

Create a story board to know their journey and try to become them.

Know your marketing message inside out


My Startup Story - Scaling a Digital Small Business

My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business


My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business


Now, sometimes I like to do nothing, but you cannot make a living out of it.  However, you can have more down time WHEN you create a powerful purpose driven life!

This is why I talk alot of about Purpose.  I believe this purpose is something we design and thus, we can cultivate a worthy purpose with which to stand out and live a life of passion.  By designing our lives.  Make sense?   This is exactly what I help clients discover.

Think of it this way – If you don’t really believe in what you are offering then why will anyone else?  So, promote from your heart what is worthy of you and them.


Study companies, businesses, experts, and entrepreneurs and look at why they appeal TO YOU.  Take tips and ideas from them so that you are even better.

Be the greatest you can be and you have a powerful competitive advantage.

The real power comes when you starting growing and increasing success little by little as you feel great about your successes and this actually helps you get better and become a greater producer.  It is no real secret that, by getting into the zone for success more you will attract it back more.

So, your purpose is knowing your message and then figuring out HOW to break it all down into goals which you can aim for every day, week, month and quarter.  And this way you will see that it is your purpose to grow, expand and be the best you can be in your market area.

I hope you have found this post useful and please do share it if you feel it could help a friend or passionate person.   I also hope you have the power to start taking real action now.  My suggestion would be, JUST START.  You don’t need to know it all you just need to get started.


My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business  

Good luck and remember, when you love what you do others will as well.  

By the way, did you need some help with this?

Why not grab my FREE 7 day video eCourse on discovering and developing your passions for a purpose drive life here?

OR, If you want a fast track to following your passions and to start earning what you are worth I can teach you how to develop your passions and create a sustainable business from them, and you can check out my best selling SELF STUDY COURSE HERE IF YOU LIKE.  You will see what others are saying and also see if it’s for you or not.  But it’s only for those who can take action and have a desire to change their entire lives.   By the way, I will soon be raising the price so grab it whilst it is at Pre-launch as it could go up at anytime.   At the moment I can offer this for you at the super low sum of just £297 for a short period.  It is already helping new business owners, career changers and entrepreneurs worldwide to change their lives for good and design new lives of purpose.   If that sounds like something you might like then give it a go.  I offer a full 14 day refund guarantee so if you are not 110% happy i will pay you back.   

Alternatively – If you wish to work with me instead 1ON1 and realise your dream of owning a profitable digital business or any other kind of small business do get in touch @ and choose your option and we can have a chat for 45 mins to an hour.  TIP:  You have to know your unique angle  and by knowing this you will have that EDGE.  Having that edge and owning a digital business can be very powerful indeed.  With Certain Digital businesses it requires less investment and thus profit creation is way more easy to establish so I can show you the many ways to create multiple streams of income if that interests you?


Until then I hope you enjoyed My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business. 

All the very best and – by the way, you can grab my free eBook by clicking on the image below.

NOTE: I would advice that you never invest in a business or startup only to realise that you have no passion for it.  This is deadly.  So, this book will be able to help you find your passions.



Author of 26 books, creator Of Love, Passion and Purpose Coaching Course TM

Coach and down to Earth guy

My Startup Story - Scaling a Digital Small Business

My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business FREE ebook for you just click on the image.

My Startup Story – Scaling a Digital Small Business


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Author of 23 ebooks on Personal Success, Passion and Small Business and Coach to Global Clients Greg has been helping people for over a decade to change their lives. Whether it is an Online or Offline Small business, Improving careers or Life changes Greg will help you.

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