How To Turn Passions Into Profits (FREE 7 VIDEO eCourse)   Recently updated !

How To Turn Passions Into Profits (FREE VIDEO eCourse)

How To Turn Passions Into Profits (FREE VIDEO eCourse)

How To Turn Passions Into Profits (FREE VIDEO eCourse)

Hey how are you.  Can I ask you a question?  When was the last time you got out your thinking cap?  

I’m sure every day you need it just as I do.  But imagine if you could learn some new stuff and actually create a purpose driven life from it!  Sound a bit far fetched?  Well in fact, you can do exactly this in my new free 7 video e-course.  And it’s exactly what I have been teaching for the last 10 years.

These days a great deal of people are finding themselves stuck, stressed and struggling in lives, careers and businesses they have no passion for and It’s commonplace.  That’s because they are in a cycle of living and perceiving that their life is what they see, but, in fact – with a little training these people could change everything – if only they got their thinking caps on!     

Truth is I hate to see struggle – I don’t like seeing so much suffering and that’s why I spend my time helping others to cultivate and create lifestyles they can be happy with.  My belief is that, we should be happy doing something we enjoy as we spend most of our time doing it.  Agreed?

I am lucky enough to be coaching and writing books, travelling with my laptop around the world and helping people to do exactly this.  As glamorous as that sounds, it wasn’t quite that simple for me just over 10 years ago.  I had to learn, try many things and develop as much as I could by myself as I had no help.   Looking back, I would have done many things differently but, I learned, got the t-shirt and applied what I learned.  That was then and now, I am glad I never gave up on my vision.    So what’s your vision?

I have been working on a FREE video course for you and for your vision!  Sweet huh!  Basically, I thought it was only right to get out a course showing my readers (YOU) HOW I do it.  Cool?



My ‘How To Turn Passions Into Profits Course is FREEEE!

I have also created a self study to further take your studies into creating a $10k per month Business if that’s something you would be interested in? This is so that ‘you’ or anyone else can simply plug into a step by step training, learn the techniques and apply them in a process I have laid out into videos and various other training’s. In fact, I have thrown in a coaching session with me for 1 hour also so that together we can create a crystal clear vision for you to start living a life designed by you.

The trouble is that, making a great income from your passions is rare and many of us have been sold on the over-hyped, over-salesy crap that has polluted the internet for over 10 years.  I have seen it and I am sure you have also.  But, I am luckily not a fan of spending many thousands of dollars on yet more products that just don’t deliver.  Enter my self study, its made entirely BY ME.  So there is nothing I have missed out or over complicated you will be glad to hear.  Oh… and I am not going to start creating a massive hype or frenzy around something that would cost you the Earth and not really deliver.  We have all bought those right!  The way I see it is, I have learned from everything that I have experienced but I am a positive type of guy, However, you don’t have to try a million things only to feel deflated again and again like so many of these ‘programs’ products and launches tend to create.   

In simple terms I created a 7 Day video e-course just to warm you up and show you what I did to turn my life around 10 years ago from being depressed, struggling, embarrassed and broke to becoming one of the worlds most highly sought after coaches and writers.  I now have 25 books on success and happiness and create easy to use courses so that anyone can start changing their lives.  I am thankful that I have been able to help hundreds of my clients around the world to do what they love and now you can also.

How To Turn Passions Into Profits (FREE VIDEO eCourse)

How To Turn Passions Into Profits (FREE VIDEO eCourse)

START FREE HERE- CHECK IT OUT IF YOU FANCY learning How To Turn Passions Into Profits!

What I have done in this course it to create videos using a white board to show you the simple steps used to tap into your passions and start discovering what you may want to do with them.  It’s kind of a big deal don’t you think I mean why waste time doing stuff we hate?   I don’t get it and I don’t believe in it personally – and that’s why I have been beavering away creating this course for you for the last 6 months.


I will show you HOW TO look at ideas, careers, businesses and new lifestyles and ALSO how to create $10k months doing something you love just as I do.  In fact – I even have months which are way better than that, and you could also, but it’s a great start don’t you think?

My suggestion to you would be, check out the video series and if there is something that resonates with you then stick around as my self study may be just what you have been looking for?

I have to be honest, the course took me a while to finish and even now I could add more. But, what I will be doing is launching it officially very soon and as more people join I will further add even more value and content which is easily accessible.   This post comes 2 weeks after I have started selling my Self study course BUT – the first buyers DIDN’T GET the video series that YOU WILL GET HERE,  that’s because I finished the course and shared it with a few of my buddies, associates and partners.  They have been enjoying the fruits of their self studying BUT YOU get way more.  Shhhh!

How To Turn Passions Into Profits (FREE VIDEO eCourse)

How To Turn Passions Into Profits (FREE VIDEO eCourse)


If learning How To Turn Passions Into Profits sounds like something you really want to do then simply….



But if you are not sure if it’s for you then that’s cool also.  This is not for everyone, it’s only for action takers, and those who can apply what they learn.

It’s simple, we only get what we want by taking action there is no magic pill, short cut or miracle.  How do I know?  I have been in business for well over 10 years and I have bought just about every product, course and teachings that are out there by many of the worlds greatest ‘so called’ guru’s.  I have applied it all and let me tell you, success takes time.  UNLESS you are already a millionaire and can outsource everything, in which case you still need TIME and HELP to get things right.  Success takes tweaks, trials and challenges but they are meant to be there.

So, I hope this finds you well and I hope that you are having an awesome week!  I am super grateful that you are here reading this and I just want to thank you for doing so.  But moreover I want you to be as successful as you wish to be also.  So – if you think you can watch a few videos for FREE then by all means check them out.


Hey, can I ask you, do you know about the Sweet spot thing?

You may be familiar with the ‘sweet spot’ model it’s a great way of finding what you may be able to do with your passions and How To Turn Passions Into Profits!

I have further developed this into something super simple and more awesome so you can look at it in depth and really start seeing what areas, skills, passions or experiences you may wish to develop.   This just gives you an idea of what to expect in my free training.  As I start in the video series I talk about your inner core passions and we look at how these may be expressed in a current market or demand and how to explore all avenues connecting the two together.  All whilst having fun in the research process.  Sound good?  I think you will love it!  Then we start to build a bridge between what your role could be and this could be in a career or new business.  What’s great is it’s your choice!

P.s  I decided also to share a ton of value in the e-mails which you will receive alongside the videos you receive with regards to How To Turn Passions Into Profits and this is what I have only shared with high paying clients before.  As you are here you also can check out the most powerful areas I use every day to increase my wealth and that of my clients all around the globe.   

Let me know what you think!


Check out some Testimonials for my ‘How To Turn Passions Into Profits’ course:

Robert L Personal Trainer / Entrepreneur – Working with Greg ‘s How To Turn Passions Into Profits course and his coaching has helped me to grow my revenue and business every week. He is very knowledgeable and helped me come up with some realistic simple strategies to grow my business which have transformed by business growth thanks to Greg, and having a weekly meeting with him has helped me to stay on track. I’d definitely recommend Greg as a business coach/mentor.  

Anna P Restaurant Manager – Greg is a kind and great guy, professional and very flexible and I found his How To Turn Passions Into Profits video course and sessions incredibly powerful. He really helps you break down your goals into manageable pieces and strategies. I walked away from this training knowing exactly my next steps and I am living a life I designed. I couldn’t be happier. Best of all – he genuinely cares about your success! Thank you Greg! 

Jacob J Entrepreneur – Working with Greg’s How To Turn Passions Into Profits course was amazing. He is very detailed and knowledgeable and truly teaches you what you need to succeed. No nonesense. Just real techniques, strategies and the powerful ways to achieve the passion, vision, success and goals you desire. He is one of the very few people who really understands how things work, and he is willing to share it. His help was tremendously helpful for me – a truly life changing experience, which also happened when I really needed it. I personally recommend him to all my good friends that I think might need his help. With his help I’ve been able to go from having only a vague vision of where I wanted to be and my goals, having very little confidence in my skills and not knowing my purpose, to having a crystal clear vision of my goals and purpose. I’ve developed great confidence in my skills and he has helped me begin building my new business and gain a great following. I am forever grateful for his help. 10/10

Nick M Inventor Entrepreneur – Greg has helped me to realise what was truly important in my life like no-one has before. Seriously – I would say – don’t waste time thinking about this just take action as Greg is an awesome Coach. These How To Turn Passions Into Profits videos will simply change everything for you as they have done for me! I am thankful i trusted him, he is ‘real ‘ unlike many ‘so called’ GURU’S and coaches who don’t care. 


Enjoy and Speak soon

Greg 🙂

Passion to profits

Passion to profits











How To Turn Passions Into Profits (FREE VIDEO eCourse)

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Author of 23 ebooks on Personal Success, Passion and Small Business and Coach to Global Clients Greg has been helping people for over a decade to change their lives. Whether it is an Online or Offline Small business, Improving careers or Life changes Greg will help you.

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Author of 23 ebooks on Personal Success, Passion and Small Business and Coach to Global Clients Greg has been helping people for over a decade to change their lives. Whether it is an Online or Offline Small business, Improving careers or Life changes Greg will help you.

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