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Revenue, Income and Sales – Business Growth  Part 2

Revenue, Income and Sales - Business Growth Part 2

Revenue, Income and Sales – Business Growth Part 2


I really hope that you enjoyed part 1 and it gave you some ideas, tips and growth techniques to apply right away.   That was my aim anyway.

So, how are you selling?

Let’s look at the process now – onto the next part.  Today we will talk about selling because without selling you have no income.  So you need to know HOW TO make sales, increase revenue and grow your business.  This may sound obvious yet very few have goals week in week out when starting out.

Now there are many ways to sell.  For example, on a blog, on a list, in ebooks, with affiliate promotion, in person, on skype, on calls, etc and son on.  Your job is to find one or two ways that you most have strengths and passions for so you can execute selling powerfully and effectively.

To begin with it is worth knowing WHO you are selling to and that way you can produce great and very relevant products and services to create solutions.

Ok so, back to selling!

What is your current technique for selling?  – What are you doing exactly and is it working?  If not what other options do you have?

How are you going about it?  – What are your techniques, channels, areas for selling and are they more online or offline or a combination of both?

What results are you getting? – Are you measuring your results and if so what are you using to do so?  Can you see the results you are getting?

Do you need help with this?  – What help might you need?  Outsourcing, hiring a sales expert, a coach or even a team to help you?

Who might help you? – In your line of business there will probably be an expert in some way shape or form?  Who are they and can they help you?

What are your income goals? – Do you know your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals?  And if not what will you do about it?

Why, what will that amount do for you?  – Why do you want X amount each month?  What will cover and allow you to do and can it be increased?

How are you conducting and practicing selling?  – What are your selling styles?  Are they more traditional or modern and if so which works best?  Do you use a script?

Do you have selling fears like rejections etc? –   What fears might you to get over in order to sell more and to the right people?

If so what are you doing about it?  – What are your actions with this area?  if anything?  And what can you do now?

Who have you studied who is a master salesperson?  –  Who are your selling heros?  What do they do exactly and how?  Study them!


Revenue, Income and Sales – Business Growth  Part 2 – Studying Experts and Marketing channels

Now, these are the kinds of questions you need to be asking yourself in order to become an expert salesperson and increase your worth and revenue.

Studying other experts, creating scripts and understanding the fears and passions of your customers/client is essential.

Personally I have learned the art of selling in various ways and from various people from various backgrounds.  From this point I created a script which was bullet proof.  And really this means that I cover every angle in order to get a sale.  NOTE: Ok, some people buy and some don’t and this is just a statistic.  As long as you know why other are not buying you can see what this means.

In my line of business I have to conduct research in sales channels to see which perform best.

I knew that I had to find high end wealthy clients who were sick and tired of working in stressful lives.  So, I got help, outsourced got a coach and narrowed down the best ways to find these people.  Sure there are way more details involved in finding them but, i just knew that I didn’t want to waste time and money on aiming at the wrong people in the wrong channels.  Again, obvious? Not so much for many people.  Yet you will see a dramatic sales increase when you know exactly who you want and who to aim for.

By measuring the effectiveness of my marketing channels and systems I was able to see what was most effective, and thus gain the right people.  But I didn’t want to lose them so I had to know how to ENSURE I got the sale as much as possible?  But how?

It all comes down to emotions.   And when someone feels emotionally connected to you you are more likely to make a sale.  They trust you, and you build rapport and a relationship.  From here you can use a variety of tactics to encourage them to invest in themselves.   Now this is important especially in coaching.

When you make another feel as though THEY NEED YOU and use scarcity tactics ethically of course, you will likely make a sale.  The truth, is I CARE.  And because of that, I ask people what they may lose by NOT WORKING WITH ME.  There are many sales tactics, but the best part is I wholeheartedly believe i what I sell.

Revenue, Income and Sales - Business Growth Part 2

Revenue, Income and Sales – Business Growth Part 2

Revenue, Income and Sales – Business Growth  Part 2 – Targeting done now closing the sale

SO, there I am with THE PERFECT CLIENT,  I HAVE THE SOLUTION, THEY ARE WORRIED OR FEARFUL and my job is to help them step over the line to change their life.

This type of selling is more about personal connection.  So, how will you now build the rapport and share with them immense value?

If you are selling oranges then they better taste good, look good, and have a proven track record of being tasty.   Essentially selling is the same with all things but, of course some products sell themselves.  All you have to is produce them.

You have to know your area of selling and study it.

And once you start to master your area you can also measure how effective it is whilst aiming for growth every week and month.

So lets’ say that you have 250 oranges per day to sell.  Each one sells for £1.00.  That’s a potential gross income daily of £250.  But you won’t sell all of them, you might sell 200.  And 50 may rot.  You can only do so much to ensure you sell all of them and it may not work.  But lets say you shift 200.  That’s £200 per day.  6 days per week £1200.  Your running costs are £400 per week.  You are left with £800.  But you also have 50 left.  Do you throw them away?

SO, my question is how can you increase your income from £800 p/week to £1000 p/week?  There are several ways.  1) Look at Marketing and exposure tactics are they being sued effectively.  2) Refine word of mouth selling and marketing. 3) Cutting back on expenses where possible could you be overspending?  4) Sell oranges in packs perhaps to look more appealing and sell all of them?   5) Can you make orange juice out of 50 remaining ones?  Hey, I don’t sell oranges but, I do always look for ways to maximise sales in all business and so.

I am sure you know what I am getting at here!   Squeezing out as much profit from what you have!

NOTE: This is of course a very simplified example as you really need to look at many factors when starting a business and looking at products you wish to sell.   In the digital age and in my business costs can vary greatly but in general my expenses are very low so the margins are very high because if I create an ebook for $0 cost and expose it effectively the potential is huge.  So, in this age with apps, start ups, tech industries etc the margins are potentially very high compared to the spend.   If you start a traditional shop a great place to begin is by searching for WIKI how to start a shop.  

There are comprehensive details of what to do, how to do it and where to begin when considering a more traditional or bricks and mortar business.  GO HERE FOR WIKI START A SHOP >

LOOKING FOR AN ONLINE SHOP?  Worth Reading This Article > WordPress VS Shopify 

Remember also that – a shop these days is commonly online.  You can start a shop with shopify in a matter of weeks.  And this is becoming increasingly common to start in the e-commerce industry.  There are effective and in-depth trainings on e-commerce all over the web, just be careful with the ads you see on Facebook where certain GURU’S are claiming you can make £50k per month in 2 days.  Do your research and go deep, narrow and dig into the are you wish to master as with anything else worth mastering.       

And when you have daily, weekly and monthly goals as well as quarterly goals which can be improved upon you can start to see how to increase your sales.  By having targets for sales you can see where you are heading and measure your numbers.     Without sounding corny you want to squeeze out every last penny from that fruit.

I don’t know what you sell, how you sell or if you sell but – by understanding this stuff it becomes a hell of alot easier.

Revenue, Income and Sales – Business Growth  Part 2 – Tips for selling

  1. Start with maximising the worth from each sale and do this in a fair way.
  2. Get Sales partner to hold you accountable for your selling and growth.
  3. Master the art of selling in your niche/market by studying others
  4. keep refining your skills and measure progress
  5. Keep charts or graphs to gauge growth
  6. Steadily increase your income goal
  7. Start today learn as you grow.
  8. Know your running costs.
  9. Stay focused on goals.

So there you have it some simple tips for now!  My suggestion is, get to work on this today and learn and master your trade/craft inside out.  Know the products and services and know who you are aiming for and then connect the fears and passions to this.  This is selling 101.  

Revenue, Income and Sales – Business Growth  Part 2 – Get In Touch

Next time I will be talking about competition which is another factor that will make or break your business.  Until then have an awesome week!

P.s – You may also enjoy this post wrote for you about your market and message

If you feel you need any help with selling or marketing to and finding your ultimate customers or clients then do get in touch I have over 10 years experience in business and helping clients globally with increasing their worth and creating ideas for business so feel free to contact me anytime @ 



Revenue, Income and Sales - Business Growth Part 2

 Revenue, Income and Sales – Business Growth  Part 2


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Author of 23 ebooks on Personal Success, Passion and Small Business and Coach to Global Clients Greg has been helping people for over a decade to change their lives. Whether it is an Online or Offline Small business, Improving careers or Life changes Greg will help you.

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